Things To Do In Malaybalay City

In the heart of Bukidnon, a highland that also happens to be the heart of Mindanao, Malaybalay City is perched atop a heart-shaped plateau. It should come as no surprise that the inhabitants of Malaybalay are always warm and caring, no matter how chilly it may get there. The capital of the province of Bukidnon is Malaybalay, also referred to as the City in the Forest, and is situated 622 meters above sea level. The city's terrain is diverse. It is distinguished for its undulating plains and hills, winding rivers, and deep canyons and valleys. There, a community of Benedictine monks live a solitary life in search of God in the Monastery of the Transfiguration. The church is a pilgrimage site for followers of our Lady of Montserrat, whose image is venerated there in an exact duplicate of the original in Montserrat, Barcelona. Additionally, it is where Monks' Blend Premium Coffee is made. This is coffee at its finest, made with premium Robusta and Arabica coffee beans. Every second Sunday after the 8:00 AM service, there is a monthly brunch with the monks when visitors can sip a cup of Monks' Blend. Visitors can enjoy a lavish breakfast outside. The monks use this method to interact with the attendees of the mass.