Aurora Travel Guide

Overview of Aurora

The province of Aurora is blessed with a wealth of tourist destinations. There are several historical landmarks there, including Manuel L. Quezon's former residence and rest stop. A stunning Catholic church and other historical markers can also be found in the province. Beautiful waterfalls, mountainsides covered with lush vegetation, and expansive beaches are some of its natural features. In Aurora, one may go surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, mountain climbing, and trekking, to name just a few.

Where to Go


The capital town of Aurora, Baler is famous for its surfing spots, including Sabang Beach. Visit the historic Baler Church and Museo de Baler, which showcase the town's rich history.

Ditumabo Mother Falls (Mother Falls)

Located in San Luis, Mother Falls is a majestic waterfall surrounded by lush greenery. The trek to the falls takes you through scenic landscapes, making it a rewarding adventure.

Dicasalarin Cove

A secluded cove near Baler, Dicasalarin Cove boasts a stunning beach with white sand and blue waters. Don't miss the picturesque view from the Ermita Hill overlooking the cove.


Known as the "Batanes of the East," Dingalan offers breathtaking views of rolling hills, rock formations, and the Pacific Ocean. The Lamao Caves and Tanawan Falls are popular attractions in the area.

Banaag Festival

If you visit in February, experience the Banaag Festival in Baler, celebrating the province's foundation anniversary. It features colorful parades, street dancing, and various cultural events.

Ampere Beach

Located in Dipaculao, Ampere Beach is known for its unique magnetic rock formations. The beach offers a serene environment for relaxation and enjoying the scenic beauty of the coast.

Casapsapan Beach

A pristine beach in Casiguran, Casapsapan Beach is known for its golden sand and clear waters. It provides a tranquil setting for beach lovers.

Sabang Daguitan Surf Camp

Ideal for surfing enthusiasts, Sabang Daguitan Surf Camp in Dingalan offers not only surfing lessons but also a laid-back atmosphere by the beach.

Lorenzo Tanada Shrine

Located in Baler, this shrine is dedicated to the late Senator Lorenzo Tanada, a key figure in Philippine history. The site offers a peaceful ambiance and historical significance.

Aurora Memorial National Park

A protected area in Baler, this park showcases the natural beauty of Aurora, featuring lush forests, rivers, and diverse wildlife.

What to Do

Surfing in Baler

Baler is a renowned surfing destination, offering waves suitable for both beginners and experienced surfers. Take a surfing lesson or simply enjoy the vibrant surf culture.

Trek to Ditumabo Mother Falls

Embark on a trek to Ditumabo Mother Falls in San Luis. The journey takes you through lush landscapes, leading to a stunning waterfall surrounded by nature.

Explore Dicasalarin Cove

Visit Dicasalarin Cove near Baler for a relaxing beach experience. Enjoy the white sand, clear waters, and the panoramic view from Ermita Hill.

Discover Dingalan

Explore Dingalan, often dubbed as the "Batanes of the East." Hike to breathtaking viewpoints, visit the Lamao Caves, and take in the scenic beauty of this coastal town.

Beach Time at Casapsapan Beach

Relax on the golden sands of Casapsapan Beach in Casiguran. Enjoy the serene atmosphere and take a dip in the clear waters.

Join the Banaag Festival

If you're in Aurora in February, partake in the Banaag Festival in Baler. Experience colorful parades, street dancing, and cultural events celebrating the province's foundation anniversary.

Visit Ampere Beach

Head to Ampere Beach in Dipaculao to witness its unique magnetic rock formations. The beach offers a tranquil setting for contemplation.

Surf at Sabang Daguitan Surf Camp

Enjoy surfing lessons and a laid-back beach experience at the Sabang Daguitan Surf Camp in Dingalan.

Historical Visit to Lorenzo Tanada Shrine

Explore the Lorenzo Tanada Shrine in Baler, dedicated to the late Senator Lorenzo Tanada. This site has historical significance and provides a peaceful atmosphere.

Nature Trip at Aurora Memorial National Park

Visit the Aurora Memorial National Park in Baler to appreciate the province's natural beauty, including forests, rivers, and diverse wildlife.

When is the Best Time to Visit Aurora

The dry season, spanning from November to April, is generally considered the best time to visit Aurora. During these months, the province experiences lower rainfall, providing visitors with clear skies and ideal weather conditions for outdoor activities. The months of December to February, in particular, are characterised by cooler temperatures, making it a pleasant time to explore the stunning landscapes, engage in water activities, and partake in cultural events without the hindrance of heavy rains.

The wet season in Aurora typically occurs from May to October, characterised by increased rainfall and higher humidity levels. While the lush green landscapes during this period are a sight to behold.

How to Get to Aurora

By Air

The most convenient way to reach Aurora is by air. The nearest major airport is Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila. From Manila, you can take a domestic flight to Dr. Juan C. Angara Airport in Baler, Aurora. Several local airlines operate flights to Baler, making it a relatively quick and efficient option. The airport in Baler is well-equipped to handle domestic flights, and upon arrival, various transportation options are available for the journey to different destinations within Aurora.

By Sea

While there isn't a direct sea route to Aurora, travelers can opt for a combination of sea and land travel. Major ferry terminals in Luzon, such as Batangas International Port, offer ferry services to ports near Aurora, like the port of Dingalan or Casiguran. Once at the port, you can then take land transportation to reach your specific destination within Aurora. This option may involve multiple modes of transport and could be time-consuming, so it's advisable to plan the journey carefully, considering schedules and connections.

By Car / Bus

Aurora is accessible by land, and traveling by car or bus is a viable option. From Manila, you can take a bus bound for Baler or other towns in Aurora. Bus terminals in Metro Manila, such as those along EDSA, offer regular services to Aurora. If driving, you can use major highways such as NLEX and SCTEX to reach the province. The journey by land offers the flexibility to explore different towns within Aurora and enjoy scenic views along the way.

How to Get Around

By Taxi / Ride-Sharing Services

Getting around Aurora by taxi or ride-sharing services is a convenient option, particularly within towns and cities. Baler, being the provincial capital, has taxis and ride-sharing services available, offering a hassle-free way to navigate short distances or travel to specific destinations. Ride-sharing apps like Grab may operate in the area, allowing you to book rides with ease. While taxis and ride-sharing services are suitable for local travel, they may be less available in more remote areas, so it's advisable to have alternative transportation plans for such situations.

By Car / Motorcycle

For more flexibility and the freedom to explore different parts of Aurora at your own pace, renting a car or motorcycle is a popular choice. Car rental services can be found in major towns, including Baler, providing options for self-drive adventures. The province's well-maintained roads make it relatively easy to navigate by car, allowing you to visit various attractions and explore off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Motorcycles, particularly scooters, are also available for rent in some areas, offering a convenient and cost-effective way to move around, especially in towns and coastal areas. However, always prioritise safety, adhere to local traffic rules, and be mindful of road conditions, especially in more rural or hilly terrains.

What to Eat

Aurora offers a diverse array of dining options tailored to suit every budget and palate.

Local Food

Aurora is not only known for its breathtaking landscapes but also for its delicious local cuisine and explore some of the popular restaurants such as Bay-ao Grill and Restaurant, Gerry Shan's Place and Yellow Fin Bar and Grill.

Fresh Seafood

When it comes to fresh seafood, Aurora, being a coastal province, offers a delectable array of options. Here are some examples of restaurants known for serving fresh seafood in Aurora such as Harana Surf Resort, Lukso-Lukso Isla Naburot and Charlie Does.

Western Food

Aurora, being a province in the Philippines with a focus on local cuisine, may not have as many Western food options as some urban areas. However, some establishments offer a blend of international flavours, including Western dishes Charlie Does and Bay-ao Grill and Restaurant.

What to Buy

In Aurora, shop for indigenous crafts and local products to bring home unique souvenirs. Explore markets and specialty stores for handwoven items, traditional fabrics, and intricately crafted woodwork, showcasing the province's rich cultural heritage. Additionally, consider purchasing local delicacies such as native sweets and delicately processed seafood, providing a taste of Aurora's distinct flavours.

Where to Stay

Aurora provides a range of accommodation options to cater to diverse preferences and budgets. From beachfront resorts in Baler to cozy inns nestled in the province's scenic landscapes, visitors can choose from a variety of lodging experiences.

Notable establishments include Costa Pacifica Baler, Bay's Inn, and Aliya Surf Resort. Whether seeking the comforts of luxury resorts, the charm of boutique hotels, or the warmth of local guesthouses, Aurora offers a plethora of choices for a comfortable and memorable stay.

What to Bring

  • Pack lightweight and breathable clothing suitable for the tropical climate of Aurora. Include shorts, T-shirts, and comfortable summer dresses to stay cool and comfortable.
  • Bring comfortable shoes, such as sandals or sneakers, for exploring the diverse landscapes of Aurora. Comfortable footwear is essential for walking and outdoor activities.
  • Include sun protection essentials like high SPF sunscreen, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat to shield yourself from the sun's rays, especially during outdoor adventures.
  • If you plan to visit the beaches in Aurora, don't forget to pack swimwear and a quick-dry beach towel for a refreshing dip in the clear waters.
  • Given the tropical setting, it's advisable to bring insect repellent to protect yourself from mosquitoes, particularly if you plan to spend time outdoors.
  • Carry Philippine Pesos for local transactions, as some establishments may not accept credit cards. Having local currency on hand ensures smooth transactions.
  • Stay hydrated by bringing a reusable water bottle. Fill it up throughout the day, especially if you plan to engage in outdoor activities.

What to Wear

When packing for your trip to Aurora, opt for light and breathable clothing to accommodate the tropical climate. Include shorts, T-shirts, and summer dresses for comfort during the warm weather. Pack swimwear and a beach towel if you plan to explore the beautiful beaches. Comfortable footwear, such as sandals or sneakers, is essential for walking and outdoor activities. Bring sun protection items like high SPF sunscreen, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat to shield yourself from the sun's rays.

Things to Note

  • Pack light and breathable clothing suitable for the tropical climate. Include swimwear, a beach towel, and comfortable footwear for various activities.
  • Bring high SPF sunscreen, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat to shield yourself from the sun.
  • Stay updated on the weather forecast, especially during the wet season, and plan activities accordingly.
  • Carry Philippine Pesos for local transactions, as not all places may accept credit cards.
  • Be aware of and respect local customs and dress codes, especially when visiting religious or cultural sites.
  • Stay hydrated, especially in the warm weather, by carrying a reusable water bottle.

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