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Riding the Waves: Surfing Spots in the Philippines

With so much coastline, the Philippines is a surfers' paradise with a plethora of top-notch locations that suit all ability levels. This page describes the thrilling surf spots in the Pearl of the Orient Seas, from the strong barrels of Siargao to the soft ripples of La Union.

Siargao in Surigao Del Norte

Surfers' dream come true, Siargao is well-known for its Cloud 9 surf break. Perfect tubes and reliable waves make this well-known location the site of professional surfing tournaments. Experienced surfers will find it a sanctuary, while novices can also enjoy milder waves at the island's smaller beach break.

Best Time for Surfing: August to November

San Juan in La Union

Both novices and experts can surf at San Juan in La Union. From the busy metropolis of Manila, San Juan, or the actual Municipality of San Juan, is about a five-hour drive. It is the first quite developed city in the vicinity of Metropolitan Manila. Having one of the most reasonably priced surfing schools in the area, San Juan might be one of the greatest places to learn the sport. October through March is the best time to visit this location. Along San Juan's coast are a variety of high-end and low-end hotels, eateries, bars, and stores in addition to the surfing schools and activities.

Best Time for Surfing: October to March

Cebu City

Cebu is the oldest city in the Philippines. One such name for the city is "Queen City of the South." Being the heart of Christianity, Cebu has become a well-known tourist destination because of its stunning beaches and calm weather. December through May are the greatest months to come here to surf. Best locations in Cebu for surfing and canyoning are Bantayan Island, Toledo, Argao, and Talisay.

Best Time for Surfing: December to May

Cebu Northshore and San Fernando - San Narciso in Zambales

Beginners would be best served by the surfing areas at San Narciso, Zambales, to begin their surfing adventure. With such a sporting experience, it is also conveniently close to Metro Manila. Reaching San Narciso from Metro Manila will take you about three hours. Here, Pundaquit Beach, Crystal Beach Resort, San Antoni, and San Felipe are the top surfing locations.

Best Time for Surfing: July to September

Calicoan Island in Eastern Samar

The finest unusual place for people to go surfing is still Calicoan Island. The exposed reefs you will see here just make it a more peaceful and tranquil location away from the mayhem and the throng. The high and challenging tides of the area are another remarkable aspect. As such, surfers with intermediate or professional skill levels are the ones who frequent this spot. This contributes greatly to the lack of crowds at this location as well. September until the end of October is the ideal time of year to visit this location.

Best Time for Surfing: September to end of October

Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte

Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte is the place to be if you want a calm, less busy retreat! The greatest months to visit this location are July through September, when the waves are at their biggest and the surfing experience is ideal. The finest inexpensive hotels you can find close by and the immaculate white sand beaches really heighten the attractiveness and coziness of this area. Just the icing on top are the waves that are appropriate for surfers of all skill levels to enjoy! For all these reasons, the top-rated spot to go surfing is Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte.

Best Time for Surfing: July to September

Daet in Camarines Norte

Among the greatest places in Camarines Norte to go surfing is Bagasbas Beach in Daet. The vast majority of the year, strong, constant waves sweep across its sandy beach. All surfers at the beginner, intermediate, and professional levels will find this place perfect because of the consistent waves. For those of all surfing abilities, July through January is the ideal time to visit this location. This location is the best and among the earliest ever documented in Philippine history.

Best Time for Surfing: July to January

Real in Quezon

Real in Quezon is a destination you go to escape the bustle and throng of the metropolis. This area is peacefully situated and lots of adventures. October to March are the ideal months to go surfing here. It is not overly popular, and to top it off, the tides are appropriate for surfers of all skill levels. Unmissable in the neighborhood is Pacific Recreation Kamp, sometimes referred to as The Park. This is the spot to go without a doubt if you want a peaceful getaway!

Best Time for Surfing: November to March.

Lanuza in Surigao del Sur

In Surigao del Sur, Philippines, is the municipality of Lanuza. This location experiences year-round tropical rainforest environment, which results in exceptionally high rainfall, particularly between December and February. Remembering this can help you organize your visit to the Philippine archipelago. Apart from that, Lanuza is a well-known surfing spot with Reef Breaks and Beach Breaks. Small to several feet tall waves are available here. This is why surfers of all skill levels will find this location perfect. November to March is when surfing excursions are at their peak.

Best Time for Surfing: November to March

Baler in Aurora

One more place for surfers of all skill levels is Baler in Aurora. Furthermore thought to be the origin of surfing adventures throughout the Philippines is Baler. The fact that this location is so near to the busy metropolis of Manila is another factor that appeals. This is why for many who live in or visit Manila, it is frequently a weekend escape. Charlie's Point, Sabang Beach, and Cemento Beach are some of the nicest places in this area to have surfing experiences. This location is best visited between July and December.

Best Time for Surfing: July to December.

Nagtabon Beach in Palawan Island

Just forty minutes from Puerto Princesa City, this relatively new surfing location, Nagtabon Beach, has everything. Popular among the locals before, the location has lately drawn visitors from other countries. Nagtabon Beach on Palawan Island is the ideal area to learn if you are a novice and would rather be alone!

Best suited for: Beginners and Intermediate surfers

The Ideal time for surfing: Mid- July to Mid- March

El Nido in Palawan Island

An other lesser-known surfing location on Palawan Island is El Nido. El Nido offers its visitors much with its breathtaking shoreline beauty. The location also offers surfers some really good surfing experiences.

Best suited for: Beginners and Intermediate

The Ideal time for surfing: November to May

Best Time for Surfing in the Philippines

The months of August through November are the ideal months to surf in the Philippine archipelago. This time of year brings the best winds for surfing along the coast, which also receives the majority of typhoon swell. This is therefore the ideal time to travel to the Philippines if you want to enjoy some excellent surfing. 

Tips for Surfing in Philippines

  • First time surfers shouldn't attempt to pick up the sport on their own. Get yourself a competent instructor who can guide you through the procedure.
  • You might not want to enter high-tide sea waters if this is your first time surfing, as you could get into trouble. Select a beginner level for your initial experience; this is the low-risk area that could be more accommodating for practice and exploration.
  • Refrain from jumping right into the water, even when you are prepared. First time surfers should start modest and avoid becoming too enthused. Take your time and watch the waves you ride on. Fun, but watch out!
  • When you first enter the water, you should anticipate falling frequently, but don't lose your cool and keep moving your leg without becoming overly rigid. Above all, have fun!